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Our York, PA roofing pros are highly qualified roof contractors. We will always work with you, our client, to make sure you are satisfied. We will also go the extra mile to make sure your roofing needs are met at a reasonable price!

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    We offer roof installing of asphalt shingle roofs which are the most popular roof.

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    Our York, PA roof technicians are experts in roof installations. No matter the size of the job, we have you covered! We will make sure the roof job is done right—the first time.

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    We understand what an inconvenience it is to have a leaking roof! Our first priority is to install a new roof before it creates costly damage to the inside of your home.
    Roof Inspection Services
    Regular inspections of your roof will reveal any issues before it causes major damage. All roofs are subject to the wear and tear of intense sunlight, heavy rain or snow, and wind or hail damage. Our expert roofers can inspect and maintain your home or commercial property, ensuring the longevity and performance of your roof.

    Not Only Qualified, But Fully

    Not Only Qualified, But Fully Certified!

    We understand that leaky roofs of any size can cause a major disruption to your daily life. We also know how vital it is to stop these leaks in a timely manner. We will work hard to make sure the new roof installation job is done right so more costly repairs aren’t lurking on the horizon.

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    Our Feature Works
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    Roof Installation — What to Expect

    If you are having your roof replaced, you want to know what to expect during a roof installation. The roofers and workers are so used to their job that they might forget to fill you in on the details.


    Here’s what happens during a roof installation so you know what to expect:


     A roof installation typically takes 1 to 3 days depending on the weather, size of the project, and other criteria. Usually the installation can take place while you are at work, but discuss with your contractor whether or not you need to be home. Remember also that workers might need to use the restroom during the day, so work out with the contractor if you have any issues with them entering your home.


     A few days before the actual work begins, one or two dumpsters might be delivered and placed in your yard. These are for the discarded roofing materials and also anything that is being recycled. The dumpsters might not be attractive, but they won’t be there for too long.


     Another delivery might arrive a few days before the installation begins, this time a whole lot of shingles. You will need to have a designated place for them to place the shingles, usually in your driveway. You will probably want to be home for the delivery in case it requires a signature.


     Before the first day of the installation, you might want to clear your yard of anything that could be damaged by falling shingles or tools. Take measures to protect any garden areas or plants or furniture outside.


     Inside your home, go ahead and take down any hanging pictures, and put any other breakable items that could be jarred from their homes on the floor. The vibrations from all the hammering and work being done can cause some ruckus.


     While the work is being done, you probably don’t want your cars, bikes, or anything else that could potentially be damaged near the house. Just to be safe, park on the street while work is being done.


     On the day everything begins, be ready for the roofers to start early and make a whole lot of noise. Installing a roof is noisy business, especially if you are inside the house.


     If you have a gate in the back yard, your contractor might request that you leave it unlocked so the workers can get back and forth. If you have pets, you might want to keep them inside or board them during the project.


     After the work is over, the roofers will walk around and pick up any fallen debris and nails from the ground but you probably want to double check. To be safe, check the whole yard, the driveway, and the road close to the project for nails.


     It may take a couple days for the newly filled dumpsters to be picked up from your yard after the project is complete.


    Note: roof installation is a noisy and somewhat bothersome event, but it will all be over within a few days to a week.