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How to Find The Right York PA Roofing Company

As most homeowners don’t really know much about roofs, they typically have to hire a roofing contractor to perform the work for them.

Hiring any contractor can be tedious. If you do not have a trusted professional that you have used for years, then you have to take the chance of hiring an unfamiliar source.

Does this person know what they are doing?

Will they do a good job?

How much is this going to cost me and how can I be sure that I am not getting ripped off?

These are all worries faced by homeowners with roofing problems.

What to Know?

Roofing jobs simply cannot be done without the proper tools , knowledge, and experience. A good professional roofer will bring all of these characteristics.


A roofer will discuss the project with you to make sure  you’re getting what you want.


Roofing contractors typically work in teams, so the work will go faster than doing it yourself.

Your roof installation or repair will be done accurately and properly.


The work done will also be under warranty, so you won’t have to foo the bill if something happens to that area of the roof again.


The roofing contractor will assume all the risk of the project and physically getting up on the roof; they’ll also be insured for it.

Questions to Ask

Can you provide me with at least 3 references?

How long have you been in business?

Are you insured?

Are you bonded?

Will you be obtaining the re-roofing permits?

Do you have a local office?

What is your availability for the next few months?

Do you offer a warranty?

Can I read and have a copy of the proposed contract before I sign it?

Will there be a crew foreman?

How do you handle complaints?

What type of shingles will you be using?

How many people are on your crew?

Will you be hauling away the debris? Will that cost me extra?

Roofing Company Checklist

Ask your friends and family if they have ever needed a roofer, and if they liked the one that they used.

If you need more names, contact the local home builders association and also perform a basic Google search for names of companies in your area.

Contact 3 of the roofing companies you find and speak to them briefly about what you need done to your roof. Make sure that they can do the job, and then schedule an appointment for them to come out and look at the project in person.

During that initial consultation, speak to each contractor about what the job will cost, how long they think it will take, and what will be required of you during the process. Ask each contractor for a written quote for the project.

Compare the quotes and then call the roofer back to tell them they’ve got the job and to proceed with the next steps.

Schedule a time for the work to begin. Also ask the roofer to have a contract prepared before that date – and make sure that no work begins until you’ve signed that contract.

Compare the contract with the original quote you were given to make sure that they cover the same project and are within the same cost range. Also make sure that any payment plans or timelines you discussed are included in that contract.


Sign the contract and return it to the roofing company before they begin work.


Have the area of your home open to the contractors during the time they’ve indicated they would need to complete the work. Check in on them if you need to, but also give them their space so they can get the job done as quickly as possible.


When the work is completed, check it over thoroughly before making the final payment. If  you like it, hand the payment over and offer to be a referral to future customers. If you’re unhappy with the work, ask them to correct it and don’t make that final payment until it’s done to your satisfaction.

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