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wind and rain protection roof repairs pa york countyFor as long as roofing has been a trade, every roofing contractor knows that the first and foremost concept and unbroken rule of completing a functional long term roofing system is to make sure that the application guarantees the finished surface is water tight and impenetrable. Other than the obvious, but just as important if not more, is the ongoing protection and structural integrity of the roof decking itself. So, as professional installers, we make sure that the roofing application protects every square inch of the decking within the entire perimeter of the building structure.

But what about the perimeter itself? Have we ever given much thought about wind driven rains and the high probability in sustained weather conditions of its ability to infiltrate the perimeter and get between the drip edge or valley flashings and the actual roof covering?

Well, as a roofing contractor for the last 44 years, doing tear offs has revealed more than a few times that rotten and degraded decking around the perimeter was due to lateral water intrusion between the drip edge and flashings, and not from a failure of the roof covering itself. So, in order to cover all bases and to install the best water tight roofing system possible, we have introduced our new perimeter seal.

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A unique combination of the drip edge and flashing with a pre attached elastomer sealant strip. After the drip edge and flashing is installed, you simply pull the easy peel strip to expose the adhesive seal and apply your roof covering as you would in your standard installation process. Depending upon outdoor temperature and season of the year, maximum adhesion is almost immediately to within 24 hours on a sunny day. So, for a few more dollars than conventional drip edge, you may want the Perimeter Guard© installed. Ask us today!

After the installation of Perimeter Guard, your roof will be better protected from damage and rot caused by wind and rain.

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